Welcome. I transform spaces.

In my world, gravity is a myth, water is as deep as colour, and a whisper can shatter glass. Walls are canvasses that breathe and flow, transformed by light, resonating with sound and which define, but never confine, the spaces I create. Surfaces are playgrounds and portals to the imagination.

Surfaces are playgrounds and portals to the imagination.

The infinite possibilities that exist in the connections between all matter is the ever-renewing creative landscape I live and work in. It doesn’t matter if you or your customers are 8 or 80, in age or in spirit — there is an inspired space waiting to come to life on my drawing board.

In a world that is in stimulus-overdrive, I am one of a rare breed of creators in my field that has successfully embraced and executed a less-is-more approach to commercial design.
My name is Anne Cote. I am a modern-day alchemist.
Authentic. Unapologetic. Without limitations.

Please take a moment to browse through my recent work.

Anne Cote Design - Ceratec Surfaces

Ceratec Surfaces

Commercial Project

Anne Cote Design : Farmhouse Project


Residential Project

Anne Cote Design : Fuzion Flooring

Fuzion Flooring

Commercial Project


Residential Project

Anne Cote Design

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