My approach to the design of commercial spaces has never been business as usual. This is especially true as COVID-19 continues to change all aspects of work and work spaces, as home and work life are more interconnected than ever before.

The incorporation of residential elements, softer and more natural lighting, integration of artwork, and safer spaces for distancing are just a few emerging trends in commercial design and aesthetics that are changing the spaces where business is transacted. Add trends in colour, material composition, texture, acoustics, and sustainability in both design and construction, and we are witnessing a sea change in commercial design.

My starting question for a commercial project is never, “How much can we integrate into this space?”. Instead, I ask, “What is the essence of this space and what is needed to express that essence?” Interestingly, and 100% by design, this approach streamlines the process of concept development, creating immersive, high-impact visitor/user experiences.

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