Seeing is believing.
Or is it?
What if believing is all that matters? What if you, your customers or your audience can actually be transported?
Connecting people to spaces in special — and hopefully unforgettable — ways is my specialty. Bringing a space to life in a way that attracts and holds a spectator’s attention is part of this magic. Any combination of graphics, three-dimensional design elements can tell a story that can capture the essence of a brand or even change it.

This is a letter of recommendation for Anne Cote. Anne reported to me as Project Manager, Props for a large scale international production. I was impressed by her ability to exceed expectations in the performance of her duties. Her attention to the smallest detail impressed the creative team and made for a very smoothly run department.

Christopher G. SpragueTechnical Director - Ability Technical Services Inc.

Whether it’s for the opera, theatre, a circus or any other performance, all experiential design stages require a set for the artists to perform within.

Anne Cote’s artistic flair and experience, including her extensive work with engineers, architect, carpenters, welders, etc., has empowered her with the ability to transform poetry into reality.

When you are ready to build something out of the box, let’s connect.

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