As a family-run ceramic tile company with 70 years of history, Ceratec had a lot going for it when Anne Cote Design and Copp was brought in to help the company achieve lofty new goals. But even though Ceratec was doing a number of things extraordinarily well and was universally loved by its dealers, they were only the 3rd most important tile supplier across its national dealer network.

Ceratec was looking for an edge to build market share through great positioning ad design.

Anne Cote Design - Ceratec Surfaces

Anne Cote Design was tasked to create a design focused, compelling retail boutique. From selecting colours and images to helping with the design and production of the gallery displays, Copp and Anne Cote Design produced a wining recipe for success.

The results were spectacular. Not only did Ceratec leapfrog into the #1 position at many of its Galerie 1949 dealers, but architects and designers quickly took notice and began working with Ceratec, resulting in record sales levels across the company.

Anne Cote Design

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